Let's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living by Elizabeth D. Riesz

Let's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living

Book Title: Let's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living

Publisher: Appletree Press, Inc.

ISBN: 1891011081

Author: Elizabeth D. Riesz

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Elizabeth D. Riesz with Let's Cook! Healthy Meals for Independent Living

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The first book in the On My Own series. Let's Cook! can help you plan healthy meals, create nutritious dishes, and respect food and kitchen safety. This book promotes self-reliance and reinforces life skills for independent living.

Let's Cook! is a how-to-cook cookbook designed for anyone wanting to, or needing to know how to prepare healthy meals for themselves or for others. This book is designed for adults with special needs; for individuals who are learning how to put meals together by themselves for the first time; for individuals learning English as a second language or for seniors who need easy-to-read and prepare recipes.

Inside Let's Cook! you'll find more than 50 "I can cook" recipes in large print and written at an early elementary reading level. Full color photos showcase the finished recipe; step-by-step preparations; and the completed healthy meal. Recipes in easy to follow style of: What I Need, What I Use, What I Do Additional information on portion sizes, healthy snacks, eating out, and how to package and save leftovers.

Let's Cook! focuses on learning basic concepts of nutrition, skills for making recipes using all the MyPyramid food groups and emphasizes food and kitchen safety.